Terms and Conditions

When you access the website sendgiftsahmedabad.com or order the products, then you agree with all terms and conditions mentioned here. We reserve the rights to add, delete, alter, and update the products or product details at any time. Moreover, we have an authority to add, remove, modify, or update the terms and conditions that are discussed here. It is the customer's concern to have knowledge about the most recent terms and conditions applied.

We advise the users to read our terms and conditions with great attention every time, when you use, access or order through the sendgiftsahmedabad.com.

We provide the services in Ahmedabad only. All the prices are there in Indian Rupees (INR).

Sendgiftsahmedabad.com makes the complete efforts to deliver the order at the right time. But, in any circumstances we do not guarantee to deliver the products on the same date and time specified by the sender. The date and time may vary.

In the case, a recipient is not found at the mentioned address, the delivering person will leave the products to the neighbour with a note. If neighbour refuses to accept, then you will find a message left over on the door and you can call to our office. When we have to deliver the product for the second time, then you will have to pay the extra amount.

A recipient has to pay a total amount if he/she rejects the order due to any reason.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check that, credit card is not used by the unauthorized person or in an unauthorized manner. The customers have to inform us when they found an unauthorized order placed on sendgiftsahmedabad.com using their credit or debit card. You must have to inform us at the moment, you get an email of order placed. We are not at all responsible for any kind of mishandling of your card.

We may reach late or miss the product/products delivery, because of some acts applied by the government, natural calamities, floods, heavy rains, storms, earthquakes, strikes, crisis, wars, curfews, disaster, or any other critical situation.

Yes as a reputed online store, we definitely try our best for giving value added services to the customers. We go for all the possibilities for prompt delivery. However, our users will not be entitled for any damages or compensation in this kind of condition.

When we find the wrong or not properly elaborated address and if the item is misplaced or delivered to the wrong person, then the customer is only responsible for the mis-delivery. We are helpless if you have provided wrong or mistaken contact number and we get no reply from the mentioned contact number. The customer has to suffer in this kind of mistakes and it is not our concern or responsibility to find your correct place. Customer must have to contact us directly then only we can give some solution.

Sendgiftsahmedabad.com does not offer any warranty on each and every product offered by us. No warranty that we will correct the defects found after placing a home delivery.

The users cannot cancel the order. But in some cases, if they notify us within 2 working hours* after placing an order. We will make all the possible efforts to incorporate the changes. There are also possibilities that the changes are not made.

We do not compromise on the quality and quantity of the products and deliver the exact quantity and quality product mentioned in the product detail. The images of products are indicative in nature. An actual product may have minor changes in shape or size.

Our customers reserve the rights to notify us within 48 hours from the date of delivery, if they are not satisfied with the quality and quantity of the product. A QC department will look after the whole matter and conclude with the solution. If we get an approval then we will replace the items in an unopened or unsealed condition. In the case, we agree to replace your products, then recipient have to send the goods delivered to our office and pay that transportation charges. However, we will pay for the delivery of exchanged goods.

We will not entertain any replacement or exchange request that is placed after 48 hours from receiving the goods.

Sendgiftsahmedabad.com does not charge more than prices indicated on the specific webpage. But, in some unavoidable circumstances we are free to change the prices without informing the sender.

We have the authority and control to change the perishable gifts with less perishable gifts if there are some chances of spoil before reaching to the recipient. We will not take any permission from the sender in this regard.

Sendgiftsahmedabad.com does not claim for any rights over the trademarks, brands, company name we are using. The company names, trademarks, and brands used on the sites are respectively owned by the concern owners/companies only. We only mention the company names, trademarks, and brands for identifying the products only.

We apply all the efforts for the prompt delivery with fresh products. Still, we give you the replacement for the perishable items such as cakes and flowers in case of late delivery. In such condition, a recipient is responsible to contact our office and send an originally delivered item within two hours from the time of actual delivery.

As an online store, we reserve the rights to save, record and archives of customer data and communication with them. But, we assure to put them safe and not to reveal or disclose the confidential data in front of any other authorities. We have integrated the most proven data security considerations to put the data safe, we have received during transaction. We store/save the data of telephonic conversations, emails, fax, letters for training purposes and audit.

In case of some dispute regarding the services of Sendgiftsahmedabad.com, it will be subjected to the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad (India) court.

It is customer’s responsibility to read all the terms and conditions mentioned above before placing an actual order. It is not our concern to notify the customers to know the terms and conditions. When you order the products through the site sendgiftsahmedabad.com, you accept all the terms and conditions.