Woman's Day is just around the corner and is the perfect day that calls for the celebration of the presence of every important woman in your life. Make this Woman's Day as bright as the special lady in your life.

Women are the most beautiful part of our lives and I think we can all collectively agree on that. A fierce warrior that stands by you during tough times and never forgets to be your lifelong cheerleader by sportingly indulging in very crazy thing you plan to pull out; there's no occasion bigger enough than International Women's Day 2019 to commemorate the endless love that she always bestows upon you.

So how can you bring a smile on that beautiful face this women's day? Here are some super cool gift ideas to make her happy on this special day.



Mothers are known to be the pillars of a house, they make sure that everything is in order and things are spick and span, always. For someone who watches out for the tidiness of the house, just imagine how much she will love some home decor to go along with her earthy values.

Get some gorgeous plants, candles. photo frames or table lamps from Send Gifts Ahmedabad for your mom to beautify any place and make a home that she will adore for a lifetime.



Your partner i.e. your wife/girlfriend is literally your unsolicited "partner in crime" in everything and all they ever ask for is your time and love. However, you can make this day more special for her by pampering her crazy. Get a day off work, order some tasty takeout and prep for a great "Netflix n Chill" sesh.

If you cannot manage to do that, there is always a wallet or perfume to save your day.



Your daughter is a princess in disguise and deserves nothing less than royal treatment on Women's Day, a day as remarkable as your little sunshine. You can get a soft toy or cake regardless of her age because let's be honest, there has never been a girl who has refused a good toy or a bouquet of chocolates.



From birth, if there is one person you can always expect to be at your side then it is your darling sister. You may fight all the time or enjoy seeing the other get into trouble but your love is undying and your bond, unbreakable.
The day cannot go unnoticed without telling your sister at least once in a while how much she means to you. With a stunning watch that will have her telling you the time even when you did not ask for it.


Best Friend:

Best friends are the best thing that could ever happen to you. Go ahead, you can admit it. Setting out on a journey and spending most of your special moments together is a bond that is unexplainable. From hoarding pictures to laughing like a riot together, you and your best friend have undoubtedly shared some too-good-to-be-true memories that you will cherish for life.

So this Women's Day, get your "best" best friend a makeup kit or a combo gift as your gesture of saying thanks to them for always being there and for being so amazing.

Don't forget to check out these amazing gift suggestions at Send Gifts Ahmedabad and celebrate this Women's Day, queen size!

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