Flower being all-time preferred option for any occasion decoration. The fragrance of the flowers which appeals every human being is the major reason to replace many other decorative items. As popularly known gardens, huge exhibitions and events implement their creativity using different colours and flowers resulting in animal, bird and many more other shapes.

Arrangement of flowers play an important role in any occasion it’s different decorations attracts everyone who comes to the occasion. Flower arrangement is an art of design and colour. There are three types of flower arrangement in the world of floral arrangements;

  1. Oriental Flower Arrangements- Oriental flower arrangement is the line arrangement of flowers. The oriental flower design is referring to Chinese and Japanese styles, where the focus is on the appearance of arrangements.

  2. Traditional/Western Flower Arrangements-Traditional or western flower The arrangement is the arrangement of all flowers together like mass arrangement of different flowers.

  3. Modern Flower Arrangement- There are no rules in arranging modern flower arrangement. The Arrangement is based on the floral designer. The look totally depends on a florist.

Ten Most Popular Types of Flower Arrangements.

Before discussing the most popular type of flower arrangement this is to inform that many flower decoration companies are available in Ahmedabad that can decorate different themes using flowers for an event. You can also Send Flower Bouquet as many online gift shops are available that provide the service of online flower delivery.

  1. Vertical Flower Arrangement

Vertical flower arrangement is mostly made for bouquets and basket floral. Vertical arrangements usually take less space. In a vertical arrangement, you can make use of line flowers style arrangements. Vertical arrangements are regularly done in offices so that visitors and employees enjoy the floral decoration and freshness of flowers every day.


  1. Horizontal Flower Arrangement

Horizontal flower arrangements are arranged in rows. The horizontal arrangement needs wider space; this arrangement is used in big events, exhibitions, and weddings. Small occasions do not use horizontal arrangements. Scented florals are used in horizontal arrangements.


  1. Oval Shape Flower Arrangement

In this type of flower arrangements, flowers are designed in an oval shape. Mostly bright colour flowers are used in elliptical flower arrangements like roses, lilies, sunflowers, lotus and many more. Oval shape flower arrangements are mostly used for giving gifts on different occasions like birthday gift, wedding gift, baby shower gift, etc.


  1. Triangular Flower Arrangement

Triangular flower arrangement is made in the shape of a triangle. Fresh flowers are used in a triangle arrangement. Some of them use artificial or dry flowers in this decoration. In triangular flower arrangement centre flower is bigger in size and small flowers are placed on sides to form a triangle shape.


  1. S’ Shape Flower Arrangement

This flower arrangement is designed in the shape of S. Design of this arrangement is complicated, a professional floral designer can do this S shape arrangement. S shape designs or arrangements attract many people.


  1. Cascade Flower Arrangement

Cascade flower arrangements usually need less flower. Cascade floral feature is widely used on occasions like wedding ceremony, anniversaries, etc. Cascade arrangement is designed in the shape of a fountain.


  1. Crescent Flower Arrangement

Crescent flower arrangement is in the shape of full moon and half-moon. Curved shape flowers can be used in crescent flower arrangements. This type of arrangements is mainly used for coffee table decorations.


  1. Ikebana Flower Arrangement

Ikebana flower arrangement is a Japanese art of flower arrangements. The name Ike means alive, the art of making flowers alive. It’s a famous art of flower arrangement worldwide. Ikebana is not just an arrangement of flowers but it’s an art of a floral designer who designs with love and affection.


  1. Heart Shape Flower Arrangement.

Heart shape flower arrangement is designed in the shape of a heart. This arrangement is designed for romantic themes. Mostly roses and orchids are used while making these arrangements. Heart shape florals are available online, send this heart shape floral to your wife.


  1. Flower Arrangement on Wedding Cars.

In India, it’s a ritual for a groom to go in the decorative car at a wedding location. Different types of flowers are arranged a car. In India, there are many car decoration companies who decorate the car for a wedding. The arrangement is made in different shapes like line arrangements, horizontal arrangements and so on. Matching car decoration with wedding theme has become trending nowadays.


Types of Flower Arrangements for Small Occasions.

  1. Floral Bouquets- Floral bouquet is the arrangement of different flowers in a bunch. The bouquet is easier to arrange. Formal and wedding arrangements take time to arrange. Flower of a bouquet is a gift for small occasions like birthday, anniversary, etc.

  2. Table Centrepiece- Table centrepiece is the arrangement of flowers in the centre of the table. This arrangement is made when we host dinners for the occasion of Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving, etc.

  3. Floral Basket- The floral basket means flower arrangement done in different types of baskets. Baskets of different size and shape. The floral basket looks very attractive when given on any occasion. Floral basket design is made of different combination like flowers and chocolate arrangement, flower and teddy bear arrangements, etc.

  4. Floral Wreaths- Floral wreaths is the arrangement in the form of a circular garland. Most Christian’s use floral wreaths in marriages, bride use to wear it on the head. Floral wreaths are the ring shape design using different materials mostly used natural materials like wheat, olive leaves and so on. Floral wreaths are available online as well as in florist stores. In Ahmedabad, there are many stores who sales such floral arrangements variety.

Additional Information

Flowers are always welcomed for decorations and gifts. Flowers if arranged well convey different messages to the receiver. It is not just the flowers but the arrangements matter a lot. If you are planning to Send Flower Bouquet to Ahmedabad, there are many Online Gift Shops in Ahmedabad who provides different type of bouquet, you can order online or can visit the shop to see different collections.

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